Hmong Veggies

Hmong Veggies

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Steve’s Vegies is located in the volcanic red soil of Wesley Vale, east of Devonport where there is abundant sunshine, fresh air and crystal clear water.   Steve’s is a whole family operation, with all the children assisting on the farm when not at school.  Everything is carefully picked, washed, sorted and packed the day before attending the Harvest Launceston Community Farmers’ Market. Steve and Mai are hilltribe people called the Hmong/Miaos from Laos. Their ancestry traces back to the highlands of Laos where the Hmong/Miaos were simple farmers who worked the field with their own bare hands. They were self-sufficient, growing everything they needed.

After fifteen years of growing bananas in Queensland, Steve and Mai decided to try something else that they love, growing fresh vegetables in Tasmania. They take a huge amount of pride in what they do knowing that each of their customers gets the very best produce possible. Specialising in Asian greens as well as other Australian herbs and root crops, they grow everything they sell from seeds to maturity with much tender care and love. They pick, sort, grade and pack everything by hand working long hours into the night and gaining very little sleep before the market.
Picked fresh from the farm, their produce will last much longer in the fridge and keeping customers happy they enjoy the close relationship that can be fostered at a farmers’ market. With farming in their DNA, Steve, Mai and their children Pleadar, Pleija and Serenity are always happy to talk and advise their customers on how best to prepare and enjoy the vegatbles they love to grow.

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