The Green Flower Farm

The Green Flower Farm

The Green Flower Farm is a new farm, based on a long passion.

The joy at the Green Flower Farm is watching seeds grow into plants and then the flowers change through the season.  Sharing the flowers we have grown with someone else is a pleasure.

Our farm is focusing on growing seasonal flowers, in the field, using sustainable and organic principles.  The flowers will have been picked less than 24 hours before being placed on the stall for people to enjoy.  Many of the varieties we are growing, and hope to grow, are not produced by big commercial growers as theirs are bred for an industrial scale and durability.

Like the slow food movement, we want to be part of the slow flower movement. So many flowers bought in Tasmania have been flown from overseas, grown in conditions which are environmentally dubious.  They are sprayed with a range of chemicals to preserve and satisfy quarantine coming in to Australia.  Our flowers are only sprayed with organic food!

We aim to produce a range of annuals, perennials, bulbs and foliage plants, creating seasonal floral interest for our customers.  We hope dahlias will be the highlight for our summer season.  

We want to return bouquet to bouquets.

Anne and Thomas

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