At Harvest | 1 July, 2023

Happy New Financial Year! The market report, the conference report, and the events report.

May you all receive hefty refunds and remain audit-free. Though the depths of winter are slowly passing, change may not be in the air and in the branches just yet. However, the scent of spring draws ever closer. We can certainly sniff it out at Harvest. As we welcome back some and anticipate the new arrival of others soon, we mustn’t tarry, so onward.

At Harvest This Week

We’re delighted to announce that Wendy, our beloved local beekeeper, is back with a new batch of her delicious honey! Wendy’s bees have been buzzing away, and the result is a golden, rich nectar that’s perfect for drizzling on your morning toast or sweetening your favourite recipes. Make sure to stop by Wendy’s stall at Harvest and taste the sweetness of her hard work and dedication.

In line with the bouncing-back trend, Martin, Sophie and Lentara Grove have returned to Harvest. Joy! Martin and Sophie bring with them the much-anticipated new season’s olive oil. Their dedication to his craft is evident in every bottle of this liquid gold. The smooth and fruity flavours of their olive oil are bound to elevate your culinary creations and take your taste buds on a journey. Be sure to stock up on this extraordinary local produce.

One of the highlights at Harvest is the presence of Andrew Beazley aka the Wild Tasmanian Fishing Coop. Andrew is not just a guy out there fishing; he is a passionate advocate for sustainable fishing practices and a champion of bringing the freshest seafood to our tables. If you thought his previous catches were impressive, you should see the monsters he’s been reeling in! Get ready to savour the flavours of the ocean with Andrew’s freshly caught Tasmanian tuna, available exclusively at Harvest.

As always, your commitment to local producers and your enthusiasm for the Harvest market has been the driving force behind us. Thank you for choosing to embrace and celebrate the incredible array of local products and the passionate people behind them.

Cross Pollinate Conference: Cultivating Success

Last weekend, we had the privilege of attending the Cross Pollinate Conference, More joy! This gathering brought together small-scale farmers, producers, and enthusiasts from near and far. The conference was a true celebration of community, collaboration, and knowledge sharing. We are buzzing with ideas and inspired by the discussions around supporting small-scale farmers, and how together we can cultivate a thriving local food ecosystem. A huge thanks to Ollie, Jen and everyone who attended what was an amazing conference that left us with plenty to think about! A huge credit to Sprout and we hope to continue to support them into the future.

Looking ahead, we have two exciting workshops lined up that are sure to tantalize your taste buds and expand your culinary horizons. In July, we eagerly anticipate the Miso Hungry workshop. Fun! We’ll teach you all about umami, and you’ll discover the art using an amazing local product, and how to incorporate it into your cooking. Then, in August, Bring a jar! We’re reviving AgriCULTUREED’s Fermentation Activation! You’ll embark on a fermentation adventure with Kimchi in the market, guided by experts. Plus, Sue from Kimchi Me will guide you through the wonders of fermenting vegetables and share the secrets of her renowned Kimchi.

Ok cool, that’s it for this week. Thanks for reading. See you tomorrow!

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