At Harvest | 10 February 2024

Seasonal dyslexia, summer isn’t over, the Festivale wash-up and yet another big weekend for the North.

There is a lot going on in everyone’s world, and sometimes, even the seasoned among us make an error as the weekend approaches. We’ll let you know more about that in a moment. Plus, summer is rolling on but certainly isn’t over, with numerous goings on around the state this weekend. First up though, it’s us, and we have plenty in store too.

At Harvest This Week

A notable return from Bruce, Lisa and Saffron Tasmania this week, after a break in proceedings to prepare for and, presumably, conduct their harvest. We always miss people when they’re away, and these folks are no exception. The comings and goings of the seasons really are what we’re all about, though. Join us in welcoming them back. Smells like osso bucco on the menu soon.

At least we know for sure and for certain what Saffron Tasmania are selling us. It does what it says on the box. Elphin Grove Farm, on the other hand, is rather ambiguous. What are they farming? Who can say? Us. We can say. We know full well that they grow and sell two things for us at Harvest: celeriac and sweetcorn. And let us tell you, the celeriac they had last week looked surprisingly like sweetcorn. Turns out we wrote up the wrong vegetable. No matter! We’ll abide by our promise to provide recipe inspo. Start with this classic: sweetcorn and basil soup. Incredible.

Finally, this weekend, two pieces of pleasing news. Sandy’s is back after their no-doubt crazy Festivale weekend. Joy. And Scoopy is back after an equally stressful but un-festival-related weekend for them. More joy. That said, unfortunately, both Brady’s Lookout Cider and Wanderer Mead are late scratchings. Plus, speaking of scratchings, Guy and Mt. Gnomon Farm are off on an events and production run for a few weeks. Your breakfast bacon is coming from Oldway Farm instead — hardly an issue.

Your weekend’s reading

Just a smattering of light reading to end this edition and send you off into (depending on your location) a potentially long weekend. We quite enjoyed this piece about the benefits of sustainable food production bringing up to $10tn (yes, that’s trillion with a T) a year (!) in economic benefit globally by 2040. And, from our comrades over in Bendigo (Australia’s other Creative City of Gastronomy), we’re delighted to bring you news of MeatStock 2024! We didn’t know it was a thing either, but we’re super glad we do now.

Thanks! For reading and for supporting Harvest and your local farming community. See you there!

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