At Harvest | 16 September, 2023

Spring 3: Sprung. Welcomes back to Wanderlust, Tas Natural Garlic and Tomatoes, and Green Flower Farm. Plus, introducing Four Pigs Farm, a river of red wine, and an honourable farmer.

The third iteration of spring’s offerings at Harvest is at hand. The conditions are certainly warming and the season is everywhere you look at the moment. You’re stoked about that, we’re stoked about that. Plus, we can tell from your feedback that you’re extra stoked with the tables having made a return too. Thanks, we’re so happy that you’re happy. Let’s get into this for another week, shall we? Indeed.

At Harvest This Week

We’re extending the warmest of warm welcomes back to three amazing women of Harvest, Anne (Green Flower Farm), Sally (Wandelust) and Annette (Tas Natural Garlic and Tomatoes). Each of them has an upstanding and devoted husband, but we’re pretty sure we know where the real work is getting done here ;-). These fabulous women represent both the very best of food and primary production in Tasmania. Not only that, they’re another step in the spring bloom at Harvest, which is almost in its final form.

Remember winter? Where we were banging on about our weekly regular stallholders. Well, we’ll continue to bang on about that during Spring, with the added joy of there being many more regular stallholders about which to bang on. The like of Plants Direct, Thirlstane Gardens, Seven Springs (7 Oct.), Wanderer Mead (23 Sept.), the olive oils, the pickles, the seasonings, the sweet treats. It’s all there, and in abundance and so so good.

Plus, we’re super stoked to announce the debut of Four Pigs Farm. Rodney and Emina have been attending at Harvest with their ready-to-eat offerings under the auspices of Oldway Farm. This week though, sees them fully fledged and under their own steam. Or, standing on their own 4 hooves, as it were. Growing the things they’re cooking and selling. That, dear reader, is what we’re all about at Harvest. It’s no mean feat to get to this point, so we’re certain you’ll show them the love and congratulations they deserve for having done so.


Ever spilled your morning sorry afternoon glass of wine and been most put out? Of course you have. Spare a thought then for the Portuguese town of Levira. This week we read that a quote “river of good quality red wine” flooded its streets and its presumably quaint and charming lanes. 2 vats, holding approximately 2.5 million litres of wine between them, went quite literally down the drain. We understand that one vat split under the weight of its contents, and a second was washed away in the torrent. We figure if your town is to be flooded by anything, 2.5 million litres of Malvasia Fina isn’t so bad.

Finally this week, we’re sorry to be offering our condolences to the family and friends of Scott Taylor ‘Scotty’ Bowden, a hugely influential and beloved member of the community. While we personally in the Ops team didn’t know Scotty, our members past and present at Harvest certainly did. Several will be attending his memorial service. By all accounts, Scotty was the thoroughly decent, funny, and loving man you’d expect of a Tasmanian farmer. On behalf of Harvest Market’s members, board and community, we fare thee well Scotty, offer our condolences once again to your family and friends, and wish them love and support at this most difficult of times.

Unfortunate to end on a sombre note. But, we shall see you at Harvest in the morning for a chat, and to support our farmers and their families of course. Thanks for reading.

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