At Harvest | 23 July, 2022

And now for something completely different.

Few people will disagree that it is worthwhile stepping outside your frame of reference to seek new perspectives. For better or worse, you’ll probably learn something. If you’re anything like us, the first thing you seek out in a new destination is the local food scene. You’ll be at the farmers’ market in a flash. This is how we came to be exploring the Eumundi Market in the Sunshine Coast hinterland. While vibrant and exciting, it certainly hammered home just how incredible the Tasmanian food scene really is. The fact that, even in the dead of winter, the Harvest community can fill a space with 50+ businesses, solely dedicated to food is nothing short of incredible. We are so proud of the Harvest family, and we thank you, our patrons, for turning out each week also.

The duck salami and raw milk Tilsit we procured in Eumundi were first class. Thankfully though, you’ll find no crystals, “spiritual healing” or artwork made from deceased sea life at Harvest.

That is not to say though, that you can’t have something akin to a spiritual experience on a Saturday morning. In our world, curing meats is an exercise in skill, precision, patience, and ethereal joy. Just ask Dan and Kim at Fork it Farm who, after three years of exactly these attributes, are releasing their first batch of dinky-di prosciutto for your gastronomic pleasure. This we’re certain will be as much of a spiritual experience as any aura reading or healing incantations.

It’s good news week

It is easy to harp on about the troubling news in the world. It is ubiquitous and ever-present. For once though, we’re making a concerted effort to not focus on it. Instead, we’re bringing you some of the more positive and exciting things that are happening in your community. It is somewhat easier said than done though. Two things spring to mind though. Firstly, this initiative by UTAS to use the long-spined sea urchin – an introduced pest and environmental threat – as fertiliser for their more than 6000 square meters of production and research gardens. Secondly, the notable and significant absences of some of our stalwart stallholders last week are rectified, and the lineup at Harvest this week is back at its winter finest.

More than that too, the current inaccessible pricing of fresh produce appears to be easing. Broccoli and brassicas, Asian greens and root vegetables are at particularly soothing price points right now, and at their peak season. We’re right into it too. Try a side hustle of pan-fried Brussel sprouts with bacon, honey and chopped carrot tops (an excellent substitute for expensive parsley and great at reducing cholesterol in the bloodstream). Or perhaps some broccoli ‘wings’ with chilli and sweet soy is more your speed. For a change of pace, pick up some pakchoi and pork loin for the quickest and easiest stir-fry imaginable.

Celebrate good times, come on.

To finish, let us not forget that there is a wealth of amazing events and activities hitting Launceston very, very soon. agriCULTURED is only a couple of short weeks away, with tickets to some amazing events still available. Junction Arts will follow shortly thereafter, which will lead into NORTH festival not long after that.

If celebrating everything that Launceston and Northern Tasmania has to offer you in food, beverage, arts and entertainment isn’t good news for the week, we don’t know what is.

Thanks for reading, stay warm, and dry, and dive into this amazing community with abandon. You’ll never regret doing so.

Join us on Saturday!

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