At Harvest | 25 November, 2023

Spring 13: The Final Countdown (to summer). 60 stalls! Plus a double-up, new products and more seasonal appearances.

It’s a meaty week at Harvest this week folks. With it being the first market of the coming season to feature 60 stallholders, we’re gearing up for another belter. Last week was a hard act to follow, but we’re certain we can keep up the pace. With so much on the books, and plenty more besides, we’ll keep it no-nonsense and jump straight in.

This week at Harvest

As we said, it’s a meaty week. We have our full complement of meat growers, harvesters and producers on deck this week. The unstoppable Kim, Dan and Fork it Farm are in the lot, as are the equally unstoppable John, Katrina and Lenah Game and Gourmet. These two businesses are at pretty opposite ends of the meat-producing spectrum, but they share many qualities and passions. Passions like sustainability, ethical production, uncompromising quality, and land management practices, to name but a few. Not to mention our two evergreens in the form of Mr. Bjarke and Sweet Baby GuyGuy of Oldway Farm and Mt. Gnomon Farm respectively.

Eating a healthy and balanced diet can be difficult and confusing from time to time. Often meats and animal fats are positioned as unhealthy or unsavoury in the modern world. We respect everyone’s dietary needs and choices. We also know that when you choose to buy meats from local suppliers like those you’ll find at Harvest and other markets, you can be 100% confident that you’re buying the very best meats possible. The minimal-intervention processing, plus natural growth and grazing means that these meats are part of an overall balanced diet too. More than that, you can also be certain that it is grown and produced by brilliant, passionate people like John, Dan, Kim, Guy, and Bjarke.


Being a 60-stallholder week, there is plenty more to talk about. We have Scoopy and Plants Direct back. We’ve got a double up of Mumma Shazz and Shelduck Farm, two folks rarely seen at the same market. It’ll be (likely) the last week for Heathermoor Peonies. Sad. We’ve got the first appearance from Tim Schmidt and the Tassie Hemp Company. He’s no doubt been off changing the world since we saw him last. Artisa have a new cashew cheese they’re rolling out, ‘White Hills.” This number has been aged in sloeberry must, rescued from Metcalf Distillery’s sloe gin ferment. Pretty cool. Bioberries stock levels can only be going up and up, if our own raspberry patches are any indication.

Sue, Tom and KimchiMe are on deck this week too! Great to see them back for their first summer market. We’ve been instructed to procure things from Kimchi by the boss. We don’t know why. New Norfolk Distillery and Derwent Distillery are launching thier barrel swap co-lab. Rum aged in whisky barrels, and vice versa. Yes please. It just keeps on coming too, because we’ve got Mr. Jesse Fultone on the SOMA stage, followed by young-gun CJ Jones. Food, friends, tunes and good times. What more could anyone want?

Thanks for reading, thanks for shopping at Harvest. See you there x

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