At Harvest | 28 May, 2022

Getting side-tracked, new content, vegetables and vitamin D.

Back in February, you may have noticed a few wildly handsome young people being followed around by cameras and such at Harvest. No, they weren’t infuriating millennial bloggers, they were the talent! At least, that is the showbiz parlance. But talented they were indeed. They appeared as part of a campaign for Harvest with Tourism Australia, and we have just received the content back from the team at IdeasBanq. We couldn’t be more impressed with it. The image above shows you why. The results are a huge credit to everyone involved, and we’ll be sharing them with everyone!

Tasmanians can struggle with getting out and about in the cooler months. Stay with me here, I’m making a point. The sun can be fleeting and doesn’t have the same strength it did just a few short weeks ago. This isn’t just an excuse to laze around indoors, eat rich foods and go to bed after the 7.30 report. Although it is definitely that besides.

You need the sun for vitamin D, which we have learned recently is more of a hormone than a vitamin. Vitamin D levels can affect your health and wellbeing in many ways. Eggs, dairy, mushrooms, salmon and lentils (sounds delicious already) are all good sources of vitamin D, but you need the sunshine to unlock it from them. At Harvest, we can guarantee the food. The sunshine less so. A somewhat tenuous link to the market granted, but this very interesting article explains it all much better than we can. The point is this: eat fresh food and get some sun, and do it at Harvest.

Offerings at Harvest

It is easy to get creative with your cooking when you shop at Harvest. There are new products and unfamiliar vegetables for you to experiment with on a regular basis. Sometimes though, reverting to and mastering the classics is deeply satisfying, both gastronomically and existentially. Take the benny (or eggs benedict for the uninitiated) for example. How many bad, ugly and terrifying versions of this brunch staple have you come across? Surely too many to count. Not at Harvest, our eggs are so fresh you sometimes need to ask them nicely to come out of their shells.

Each Saturday, everything you need to master the benny in your home kitchen is on offer. There is room for interpretation too. For instance, our team prefers the sourdough from Sweet Wheat to that of Sandy’s for this particular application. We know, we know. An English muffin is historically correct but arguably outdated and not as good. To garnish your hollandaise or not? We say yes, but with what (tarragon v chives v parsley is a heated debate) is up to you. We would prefer the ham from Mt. Gnomon to that of Fork it Farm for a benny, but we respect your choices too. In any event, we can only encourage treating yourself and creating joy through brunch in your own home.

Plan the benny, then grab some juice, a bottle of vintage cider, some cheese, some greens, some fruit, and a couple of sweet treats and you are all set for a brunch that outstrips any you’d be served around town. And you got some sunshine whilst doing it. Congratulations, you’re nailing it.

Getting Side Tracked

We talk almost ad nauseam about community at Harvest. It is the base upon which we build our weekly mosaic. People helping people to do great things is what makes the world go round. Recently, the SES came to the rescue of one of our team members who shall remain nameless – Rhys – rescuing him from a muddy track in the southern forests in the cold dead of night. Although the risk to life and limb was very low, finding oneself stuck and vulnerable gives pause. Knowing that someone was coming to help is a feeling of relief that is hard to describe.

Volunteers from the community going into the unknown to help vulnerable people out of risky situations. There could not be a better illustration of the power and importance of community. This isn’t just us saying this. Check out these reports by Volunteering Australia and the ABS that show the true value of volunteers. People like our Harvest Heroes. 

So, in honour and humility, for National Volunteers Week, we thank and salute those that give up their time and efforts for their community in any way. At Harvest, at a local footy match or even a midnight winch rescue, these volunteers are the foundation of so many good and wonderful things.

Join us in thanking them, wherever they may be.

Thanks for reading, see you at Harvest. x

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