At Harvest | 30 March, 2024

The End of an Era

Let’s make one thing clear from the outset: Mai is alive and well. We’d hate for this to read like an obituary. Further, Harvest is not losing a primary produce supplier; Mai has ensured the continuation of her business. Her parting gift to Harvest. Those things said, this week marks the end of Mai’s tenure with Steve’s Veg at Harvest—a tenure of 12 years, no less.

There have been many newsletters, but this one’s for Mai.

Dear Mai,

As we sit down to write this, we reflect on the myriad of emotions that innumerable people in the Harvest community must feel about your departure. Gratitude, sadness, and an overwhelming sense of appreciation, to name a few. For everything you’ve brought to Harvest Market and our lives, we say thank you. To define this as the end of an era is absolutely no understatement. An era marked by your unwavering dedication, resilience, tiresome efforts and the indelible imprint you’ve left on our community.

Long before this team, and many operations teams besides, you committed to Harvest Market. We have it on the word of those present that it was immediately evident that you were no ordinary market gardener. Your commitment to the community, coupled with your tireless work ethic, helped establish Harvest Market into the extraordinary place it is today. Whether it was meticulously arranging the displays to perfection, or making sure your customers left you, and Harvest, with a smile. Your presence has been at the heart of Harvest for over a decade.

But it wasn’t just your work ethic that set you apart. It is the smile, the kindness, and the warmth of your welcome that genuinely touched our community. Your ability to make every patron feel valued and welcomed, whether regulars or passersby. Genuine care for others. Steadfast support for other stallholders and the community. Your immovable presence during tough times, cold winters and stormy days. Perfect Asian greens, obviously. Pick a reason. Whichever way we spin it, you have left a vivid mark in our hearts.

The Harvest community has watched you and your wonderful family grow up. They are surely a cornerstone of your strength, and the source of endless love and support. Mostly ;-). Their presence in our community has been a constant reminder of the power of love and family. For this, and so much more, we are eternally grateful.

As you prepare to embark on this new chapter of your life, we’re not stoked on the thought of bidding you farewell. Your departure leaves a void that cannot be easily filled. The halls (marquees, at least) of Harvest Market will echo with your absence. But amidst the sadness, we find solace knowing that your legacy here is secure, and your impact on our community will continue to reverberate for years to come.

Mai, please know that you will be sorely missed, and that the community will forever hold you and your family dear in our hearts. As you journey forward, we hope your path is illuminated by the same warmth and light that you’ve brought into our lives.

Our thoughts, hopes, and best wishes go with you, always.

With deepest gratitude and fondest wishes,

All of us at Harvest Market.

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