At Harvest | 7 May, 2022

And all that Jazz

Oh my. What a week. It’s a cliche that rings true, as most do: there is never a quiet week nor are any two weeks the same at Harvest. This week saw wild weather, events, seasonal changes and considerably more of the normal machinations of hashtag market life. I just say hastag. I’m old.

The second weekend of BOFA2022 is in full swing. This week’s instalment of BOFA x Harvest sees Irish duo Annam, instrumentalists A Boy Named Sue, and Nick Hart with The Projekt lining up on the SOMA stage on Saturday morning. BOFA itself is also out in full force, with spots at the Mother’s day long lunch, and cinema events still available!

Junction Arts is coming in hot, the Hawks will be back soon, we can’t wait for Plastic Free July and it’s World Bee Day in a fortnight. See? Never stops.

Oh, and then there is the Market. You know, that thing that is central to our being and happens every week. That makes it all worth it and reminds you how lucky you are and how delicious dinner is going to be. That also never stops.

And that’s the way we like it.

@ Harvest

You buy a red car, then you see all the red cars. It’s called selective perception. Michael Layfield at Feld’s Farm introduces you to puntarelle, and lo and behold it’s on a menu for lunch the very next day. Although on reflection, that seems no coincidence. The produce of Harvest reaches much further into the food community than simply our weekly exchange. It goes to show how much new inspiration is to be found at Harvest when one begins to scratch the surface a little.

It also informs us of what we should be eating, when, and how. The greens of winter rely upon the cold, it sweetens them and mellows the bitter notes. Their best flavours are expressed slowly. Braising, roasting, and fermenting with care over time. Except for puntarelle, that is more of a crunchy affair. Yet still, it requires the cold for its correct flavour and preparation.

You can find all your requirements for enjoying winter’s onset at Harvest. Like the puntarelle, which would be great with some hazelnuts, olive oil, and red wine vinegar for example. Pair that with say, a steak, or a pork chop maybe. Some beets roasted with garlic and smoked salt. A little relish on the side. A craft beer. Lemon sorbet to finish. Sounds good right? Well go and see Felds Farm, Coronea Grove, Lentara Grove, Oldway Farm, Mt. Gnomon Farm, Taste of Tam O’Shanter, Yang’s 4 Seasons, A Pinch of Tasmania, Seven Sheds, and Della Valle Gelato. In that order.

Or throw four darts at our stallholder list. I guarantee you’ll be able to create an amazing dish no matter which ones you hit. Print it first though, otherwise, you’ll crack your phone screen.

Your Community

All this amazing stuff that goes on at Harvest? It’s all thanks to the amazing work of the Launceston community, and if you think your community group has something to add to the market, we would love to hear from you. Find the Info you need to be part of our Community Engagement Program on the Get Involved link at the Harvest website.

Join us on Saturday!

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