At Harvest | 7 October, 2023

Spring 6: Dead Springers. Long awaited returns, plenty of outdoor cooking inspiration, starting an agribusiness, a national poetry slam, and the Swift Parrot takes out Bird of the Year.

Yes, sometimes the words ‘poetry slam’ are enough to make someone stop reading immediately. Trust us on this one though. It’s going to be hilarious fun this week at Harvest. In any case, if you happen not to be into it for some reason, there will be ice cream. Sorry, gelato. Everyone loves gelato! With plenty of other goodness on the cards this week, we’re all set to be one for the books. Thus, we mustn’t tarry. Onwards.

This Week At Harvest

Two long-awaited and much-written-about returns take place this week. First, the one and only, Launceston’s premier gelati van, featuring Launceston’s premier selection of Hawaiian shirts, your friends and ours, Deb, Dale and Scoopy are back from their winter break. Oh joy, you are ours. With a long hot spring and summer potentially ahead of us, the refreshment of some lemon sorbetto, or pick-me-up of berry gelato or indulgence of pav-berry-smash is much anticipated and highly sought after. At Harvest, our market is brilliant year-round, but the coming of Scoopy adds a special little splash of colour and good vibes. Welcome back Scoopy!

Second, in order of appearance certainly not significance, is Seven Springs Farm. Wouter and Elyse are something of long-lost friends at Harvest. Featuring in the roster for many years, right up to and during the covid period of 2020/21. These wonderful folks have been sustainably and ethically farming the very produce for many years. Interesting and different varietals that are packed with flavour and nutrition. If you’ve been buying their packed veg boxes directly over the years, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about. We couldn’t be more stoked to welcome them back.

Plus, all the regular goodness you’ve come to expect from Spring at Harvest is out in force. It’s a Mumma Shazz week, as it is a Derwent Distillery week. Your regular cohort of sweet treats, produce, bakers, butchers and growers and makers are all there ready to provide the very best of what Tassie has to offer. What with our resident chef being out and about in the great north, we can safely report that, while there is so, so much great produce in this country, Tassie is genuinely a cut above.

Speaking of…

being out and about in the great north, our resident chef has been getting his outdoor, wild cooking on. Here is but a sample of the innumerable texts he’s been sending back to the office about his nightly cooking adventures. There is something truly special about being able to take this Tassie produce on the road, and a comforting meal after a hard day’s bush-bashin’ is what it’s all about. We’re talking about Hibachi mushrooms, asparagus and choi sum with coriander dressing. Ginseng marinated chicken thigh burgers with eggplant chilli jam. Pulled lamb with braised grains. Wallaby bratwursts with classic potato salad and pauper’s capers. Braised beef ribs with charred brussel sprouts and tomato chilli dressing. And, the never to be without, bacon and egg rolls!

Two more things

If you’ve not been following (how could you not have been) Guardian Australia’s bi-annual Bird of the Year (confusing, we know) contest, we’re super stoked to announce that Tassie’s very own, the endangered Swift Parrot has taken out the gong. Weep, briefly, for what is the third runner-up position in a row for the Tawny Frogmouth. We love following this scintillating contest every time it comes around and are super pleased that one of our own has taken home the prize.

Lastly, we’re really stoked to see that the state gov’ment is conducting a course on starting an agribusiness. Anything that anyone can do to encourage people to take up primary production, and provide food and nutrition for their community, we applaud.

Join us on Saturday!

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