Summer At Harvest | 13 January 2024

We’re loving summer! Harvest is at peak produce, peak productivity, and peak condition. All your favourites (bar one) are rostered on for a huge on this week.

How long will summer’s glow last? We can’t be sure. But you, dear reader, can be sure we’ll drag it out as long as humanly possible! You’re familiar with our summer refrain by now. It’s all cherries, berries, apricots, greens, herbs, flowers, new season’s meats, fresh fish (although not this week) and everything one can do with them. Plus, much more besides. Our summer roster is nice and stable, and we’re betting that our regular readers can just about pick who’s who on any given week. So, instead of a run-down on what’s up, we’ll offer some summer cooking inspo instead. Here goes.

Summer Cooking Inspo!

As we soak in the sun-kissed glow of summer, our kitchens come alive. So, let us help you infuse your menus with the essence of the season! The first thing to do is bring the kitchen outdoors and indulge in the art of al fresco cooking. Fire up the grill for a barbecue extravaganza of skewers of succulent summer vegetables or whole freshly caught fish. The sizzle of the grill and the aroma of charring proteins are synonymous with outdoor cooking.

As the summer sun paints our days with warmth, there will be plenty of you getting into the great outdoors. So, for those of you on the outdoor escape train, pack flatbread dough, fresh herbs, cherry tomatoes, and local cheese, and knock up some pizzas over a campfire. If you’re anything like us here in the Harvest office, a camping trip is mainly about the food you’re going to catch, cook and create.

Have you been asked to bring a plate to an afternoon gathering? Make it easy on yourself. Grab some leaves, a few tomatoes and a cucumber, and go with a refreshing salad drizzled with honey and adorned with mint. The aromatic power of fresh herbs elevates any dish. Craft a zesty herb-infused vinaigrette for salads, or marinate new season’s meats with a fragrant herb rub. Let the flavours of the garden infuse every dish, creating an elegant symphony on your summer table. Joy!

But, what about dessert?

Glad you asked. Dessert opportunities are everywhere you look! Celebrate the unique allure of apricots with all manner of sweet creations. Dive into a desert adventure with apricot galettes featuring golden, flaky crusts and a decadent dollop of double cream or mascarpone. For an obsessive touch, buy some premium cherries and individually polish them to a mahogany shine. Add a touch of whimsy with edible flowers, turning your sweet treats into colourful works of art that embody the hues of summer. Or, if you wish to keep it all as simple as possible, then blueberries, yoghurt and honey are your go-to. How very Greek Isles!

Summer is more than a season; it celebrates flavours, colours, and the joy of sharing meals with loved ones. Let’s make the most of it by embracing the abundance of fresh produce and creating culinary masterpieces that reflect the season’s spirit.

OK! Hopefully, this is enough inspiration to get you out and about, and, most importantly, down to Harvest to pick up your supplies for a beautiful feast! Thanks for reading; see you out there.

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