@Harvest | October 30, 2021

Gird your loins everyone! Harvest is bursting at the seams this week. Not only are our incredible producers coming into sheer abundance, but the calendar of happenings and events in our community at large is busier than a blue-arse fly!

The delicious headline of the week: Felds Farm are back! We could not be more delighted to see the return of Mike and Lauren. We’ve missed these legends and their amazing array of niche veg and attendant knowledge. Always exploring new interesting varieties of veg, and able to tell you exactly what to do with, we can’t wait to see what the season has in store for them. And by them I mean us 😉. Get on in and take advantage of your last chance (until December) to pick up some of Matt’s incredible Strellyfield Farm duck products! If you’re really motivated you could confit and store those bad boys now for Christmas, just saying.

A quick whip around of the stallholder list certainly gets the springtime brunch menu ideas flowing. Spring screams salads and brunch screams it through a megaphone. There are almost endless combinations of stallholders to visit to knock up the perfect Sunday brunch. Our brunch recipe is going to include produce from every corner of the market, keep an eye out for it on our website and socials soon. Fun game time: pick three suppliers and make a lunch dish. Go!

Or if you’re lazy pick up a few dozen Bruny Island Oysters, pick a lemon (you know you have one, if you don’t your friends do. If they don’t you don’t have friends) and tell your guests to have at! If you want to impress your guests even further though, ditch the wine, show off and pair up those oysters with a drop from Brady’s Lookout or Wanderer Mead. You’ll be so on-trend!

Out and about in the community this week there is just so much going on it’s hard to believe. Here are just a few things we think you might be interested in:

-Voting for SPROUT Tasmania’s Small Producer Award closes tomorrow! The award recognises excellence in food production. Voting for your favourite producers is a wonderful opportunity and an excellent way of showing your support for them and for our food-producing community at large. Get voting here!

– SeedLab is hosting an event focused on food and beverage value-adding. You can find out about the event here and grab your tickets here

– Harvest is once again up for the EPA Sustainability award at the Tasmanian Community Achievement Awards – in fact, we’re the defending champions. Really though, you’re the champions with your diligent and considerate use of our FOGO bins and pushing us toward Zero Waste. Go you! Whilst this is a judged award, there is a peoples choice category for which you can vote! So please, get voting here!

– Speaking of awards and the like, you can also get on and vote in the Great Regional Cities Challenge! This initiative is aimed at Launceston becoming (or in our view, maintaining it’s position as) one of the world’s greatest regional cities. Championing everything from community spirit to arts to industry, the GRCC is enriching your community immeasurably. Harvest has three pitches in for the GRCC: Mind Food, Community Engagement and Carbon Trading. We would be soooooo stoked if any or even all of them got up so please, please get your vote on here or the Great Regional Cities Challenge.

Moving and shaking the Harvest Party this week are:

41 Degrees South  
All Things Cherry
Brady’s Lookout Cider
Bruny Island Oysters
Coronea Grove
Delicious Little Things
Della Valle Gelato
Derwent Distillery
Elgaar Farm & The Grain Family
Felds Farm
Frank’s Char
George Town Seafoods
Hazelbrae Hazelnuts
Hazelnuts on Hythe
Headlam Farm Asparagus
Hillwood Fresh Food Co
Honey Tas
Kabul Veggie Delights
La Cantara Cheese
Laos Fresh Farm
Lentara Grove
Meat Bread Cheese
Metcalf Distillery
Mount Gnomon Farm
Mr B & T Mushroom Garden & Eden Garden Microfarm
Oldway Farm
Paul’s Hot Sauce
Plants Direct
Provenance Coffee
Red Cow Organics
Ritual Coffee
Sandy’s Sourdough
Seoul Food
Seven Sheds
Southern Sky Cheese 
Steve’s Vegies
Strelleyfield Farm
Sweet Wheat
Takin it Home
Tas Juice Press
Tas Natural Garlic & Tomatoes
Tassie Murtabak
The Green Flower Farm
The Tea Equation
Thirlstane Gardens
Thistle Hut Flowers
Three Peaks Organics  
Village Olive Grove
Wanderer Mead
West Tamar Fungi
Windara Orchard
Harvest Stallholders, October 30, 2021

So much delicious, so little time. Catch you Saturday! x

Join us on Saturday!

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