At Harvest | 9 September, 2023

Spring 2: The Re-Springening:. Some more welcomes with still more to come, the last week away for others, a Sweet Wheat masterclass, and geographic dyslexia.

All that, plus a confirmed date for Seven Springs Farm back at Harvest. Yes! Spring 2: The Re-Springening is that rarest of sequels, one that outdoes the original. Grab some popcorn, dim the lights, keep your hands to yourselves and let’s watch how this plays out.

At Harvest this week

Our opening scene is a jovial one, welcoming back our friends Vicky and Tim. Join us in offering them both the warmest of Harvest welcomes. We see Vicky, Ruth and Vix Kitch all too rarely. We couldn’t be more delighted with their presence this week. Not only for their delicious products but also because they’ve also been described as two of the loveliest people in Launceston. Hear hear. So if you, dear patron, come out to show them a bunch of love and support, perhaps we can convince them to make more regular appearances.

Pan to the man himself, Mr. Tim Schmitt and Tassie Hemp Shop. Tim has been journeying during his “break” from Harvest. An unassuming and humble man, Tim is actually at the cutting edge of hemp cultivation, and his “break” has seen him travelling widely to conferences and research facilities around the world. His products are innovative and, like a conversation with him, very good for you.

We have confirmed that this is the final week that TNGT and Wanderlust will be away. We know, through strong word of mouth, how keen the patrons at Harvest are for the return of both. It’s a week on for La Cantara, as it is likewise for Shelduck Farm. This will be the last week that fresh truffles are available from Truffles of Tasmania. A joyfully long run for truffles this year! Artisa’s vegan cheeses are matured to perfection, Thirstane Gardens’ range of herbs is super strong, and Saffron Tasmania’s vibrant stigmas are selling out weekly! All this, plus October 7th is a date to keep your eye on because it will see the return of Scoopy, Seven Springs and fingers crossed, Headlam Farm Asparagus. Whoop!

FermenTAS x Sweet Wheat: Sourdough Masterclass.

Could there be a better combination of folks to deliver a sourdough masterclass? It’s difficult to conceive of. Perhaps as good, but not better. Join Nic and Emma at their bakery Sweet Wheat in Perth and find out why it is so much more than flour, water and yeast. Learn the techniques for pulling and stretching dough, keeping your starter fed and nurtured, when to prove and when to slash and bake. Besides the invaluable information and techniques, you’ll also be furnished with a banneton and lame to make sure you can continue your sourdough journey.

Plus, Firey Ferments going on as part of NORTH festival, and FermenTAS is hosting a Zoom session with Sandor Katz! Sandor Katz everybody. That is a huge deal.

Some notes

Apparently, we suffer from a form of geographic dyslexia, or at the very least an allergy to cross-checking information. Turns out Frank the Chatty Dutchman is in fact of German ascendency. Apologies Frank. Although chatting to Frank last weekend, he said his only passport is an Australian one these days. It matters not where you’re from to us at Harvest, the only thing that matters is a love of food and all that it encompasses.

We’re sure the title Spring 2: The Re-Springening will confuse many. Apologies, we’ve been watching too many re-runs of the Simpsons lately. That said, we could do a sequel title for every week of spring and still have fewer editions than the Fast and the Furious franchise, something we haven’t been watching since 2009.

Finally, a draft regional food strategy was released by the ACT government today, which sounds a little dry but we always like to keep our eye on things like this at Harvest. Tasmania has strong regional and state food strategies, which some who came before us at Harvest have helped develop and implement. Also of which, Harvest remains a modest yet important part.

Thanks for reading! Super excited for another big Spring market this week. See you there.

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