At Harvest | 20 January 2023

Another huge January market! 60 stalls of goodness. Plus, a national conversation that we can get around.

January continues to roll along at a clip, and we couldn’t be more pleased about it. Our patron numbers are up on this time last year, and our stallholder roster is consistently topping out higher too. This is excellent news for everybody, and reflective of a growing trend we feel great about, unlike most trends. On that, this week, we’ll give you a brief of what’s on at Harvest, but instead of rambling on, we’ll leave you with some pertinent reading for your weekend.

This Week at Harvest

January always produces firsts. This week, we’ve no less than 7 of our friends making their first appearances for 2024! Lentara Grove, Oxberry Vineyard, Lily Farm, Hillwood Fresh Food, Malvinas Paellas, and Wanderer Mead are all stepping up. Allen and The Village Olive Grove have budged over the way. It is a double-up week for Mumma Shazz and Shelduck Farm, who normally would be rotating with one another. Bonus! Richmond Cherries have finished up for their season, which is sad. However, Kingrock Cherries and their late varietals are making their first appearance for the season, which is rad!

Scoopy is still scooping, Delicious Little Things are still delicious, and the ready-to-eat roster is solid as. Our four Fresh produce suppliers are also in peak condition. Coffee, juice, kombucha and, if you’re up for it, more than a bit of booze is getting around for beverage options, too. For that matter The breadeggscheese and dairy, honeymeatsfish and veggreens and herbs are all right where you left them last week.

Your Weekend’s Reading.

We noticed a distinct trend, first tossed into the national conversation by the Guardian more than five months ago, that the supermarkets are playing silly buggers. Well, now even the PM thinks they have a case to answer! Now, there is a real push for the ACCC to launch an enquiry as to why farmers are getting 1978 prices for their goods, yet consumers are paying more than ever for fresh food. As it is with nearly everything, Tasmanian is a strange case. Our supermarket sector is the least competitive overall, but we have had some of the most successful disruption of the duopoly of any national jurisdiction.

We really hope you find these items enlightening. We certainly did, but not in a particularly good way. But, if you find yourself getting down about it all, know that you have a very simple, very effective remedy close at hand. Every Saturday, rain hail or shine. That remedy is shopping at Harvest.

Thanks for reading. See you in the morning for the finest shopping experience that money (and less of it) can buy.

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