At Harvest | 22 July 2023

The Market 101 edition. Ch ch ch ch changes, super coffee, the market report, welcome back Graheme, and 12 tonnes of grain.

Market 101: Don’t move anyone around. It is disruptive to both stallholders and patrons. It’s kinda the golden rule, and you never do it if you can avoid it. That said, you’ll notice a few changes at Harvest this week. Rest assured we have not lost anyone. Just a cabinet reshuffle. Though it must appear that we’ve broken our own golden rule (and to some degree we have), needs must. It’s not been easy on folks. But, in the spirit of utilitarianism, we believe that we have done the greatest good for the greatest number. That doesn’t make it easier for those affected though. To them, we prostrate. To you dear patron, for all intents and purposes, nothing has changed.

At Harvest

Harvest’s biggest will-they-wont-they question ever has finally been answered. They will. Like star-crossed lovers, Ritual and Provenance are to become one. Like power rangers, they’re reforming to become bigger and stronger than ever before. They’ve danced around it like frisky teenagers for months, but lo and behold the day has arrived. Enter, Coff-o-saurus. That’s what we’re calling it anyway. In reality, it’s still called RItual, and it’s still serving the finest coffee in the land.

It’s an on-week for La Cantara, and Mt. GnomGnom are in for the weekend having ticked off a bunch of cool events (and dealt with some problems, more on that later) over the last few weeks. We’re seeing the return of Thirlstane Gardens (welcome back Graheme), and The Village Olive Grove (welcome back Allen) are in, rounding out the complement of olive producers. It’s an on-week for Kim and Dan and Fork it Farm, super exciting. Turns out we do need some pork loin for some skewer/hibachi action this weekend. We’ll pick up some beef from Bjarke and Margaret at Oldway Farm too no doubt. Sue, Tom and KimchiMe are even floating around! The forecast looks fine, the bread fresh, cupcakes tender, the vegetables crisp and the coffee strong.

The vibe is big, the producers are small and artisanal and together, we’re in for a cracking market this weekend at Harvest.

12 tonnes of grain

They say anyone can be a farmer on a good day, but they’re aren’t many of those. Case in point, for anyone who missed it (we did), turns out our mate Guy at Mt. Gnomon had a nudge of trouble with a, to use a polite term, mischievous possum a while back. See image. This legit made international news. We’re not certain what happened here, but our bets around the office at Harvest are on an accidental turning-on of that grain elevator you can see. Guy, being the worldly and kind man that he is, has graciously allowed said possum to remain intact. Not everyone would be so generous. As any farmer anywhere will tell you, this is just farming. Hilarious farming.

Righto. It’s Friday afternoon and the sun is out. Something it feels as though we haven’t seen in some time. So what are you doing reading a trivial missive right now? Get out and bask.

Oh and ps. A huge thanks and shout out to FermenTAS, Chris de Bono and our wonderful 17 guests who attended our miso workshop last night. By all accounts, a great time and delicious dinner was had. Joy!

Thanks for reading, see you tomorrow.

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