At Harvest | 23 September 2023

Spring 4: Spring Kong. Asparagus! Fantastic forecast! Mead! Extra whisky! Excessive exclamation marks!

Yes, we’re doing movie sequel titles all Spring now. We warned you this might happen. Silly titles aside, the run of great produce and products keeps rolling into the carpark at Harvest. Moreover – and saying this out loud is breaking a cardinal rule of the market but fingers crossed – the forecast is excellent. Which makes a refreshing change from the bluster of last week. It’s Friday afternoon, so with drink in hand and smile on face, let’s get into this.

This Week at Harvest

More of Spring’s warm welcomes is extended this week to Lucy and Headlam Farm Asparagus, and Stephen of Wanderer Mead fame. Having a bit of a chat with Lucy recently was revelatory. Everyone loves a bit of farm chat. Lucy is bringing the asparagus, but there is much more to Headlam than that. Lucy is a gun, and we’ll let her fill you in on her winter when you see her at the market though. There were hopes and dreams of a little early minute on the Harvest, and it seems as though they have come true. The asparagus season is one of our favourite ones at Harvest. Brief, special, and delicious.

We haven’t seen Stephen from Wanderer Mead in some time, and we’re stoked to be seeing him back in the saddle. Or back in the Viking hat, as it were. Stephen’s mead is an excellent and pretty unique product. With wild fermentations, collaborations with honey producers, aging and finishing techniques, and a lovely bloke, Stephen exemplifies the Tassie artisan producer. We know that our patrons and members alike are looking forward to seeing the Viking hut rolling into the carpark on Saturday.

There is still more to come in the next few weeks too. Seven Springs, Della Valley, and a new stallholder. Like any good flick, we’ll leave that as a little tease of sequels to come for now. All of that, plus your now engorged cohort of weekly stallholders are right where you left them last week. You know who they are and what they’re bringing to the party by now.  Breadeggscheese, honeysweet treatsbeersjuicemeats, and veggreens and herbs, plants and produce. Unfortunately no fish this week though. Gale force winds all week do not for safe fishing conditions make.


Plus, we’ve got the amazing JinjaBred Man on the SOMA stage ripping out some tunes to keep the sunny morning vibes high, and an extra appearance from Robbie and Derwent DIstillery especially for Junction Arts weekend. Oh, it’s Junction Arts weekend, which means that there is a tonne of food, art and music to get around for the weekend. Spring Kong is really throwing its weight around this weekend. Enjoy!

That is it for this week. All killer no filler. Thanks for reading, see you at the market. Mwah.

Join us on Saturday!

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