At Harvest | 5th August, 2023

agriCULTURED weekend, Kimchi workshops, the ‘at Harvest’ report and a shameless plug.

Pretty standard working folk’s fare in the newsletter slash blog this week. Far from standard events and goings on around both our market and the city in general. With agriCULUTURED taking centre stage in the city, and our Fermentation Activation kimchi workshop taking centre stage at Harvest, we’re primed for a bumper weekend of activities. Let’s get at it then.

This week

We have a rare triple treat for you this week. Owing to a quirk of the calendar, we have KimchiMe, Shelduck Farm and Mumma Shazz all on deck this week. Three of the loveliest and most passionate foodies you could ever hope to meet. It’s still truffle season, but probably not for heaps longer. If you’ve not indulged just yet, don’t miss out on what is the most special of seasons in Tasmania. It’s a Hazelbrae fortnight, thank goodness too because we need to stock up. That is a tease we’ll reveal in a moment.

It’s a Lily Farm fortnight too, we’re looking forward to that wonderful fragrance filling the room once again. As always, your devoted cohort of weekly stallholders will be right where you left them last week. You know who they are and what they’re bringing to the party by now. Bread, eggs, cheese, honey, sweet treats, beers, juice, meats, fish and veg, greens and herbs. Keep an eagle eye out for our resident chef running around like a madman doing some shopping for a thing. Another tease…

agriCULTURED and Fermentation Activation

It’s agriCULTURED weekend everybody. Launceston’s most anticipated cool-season event and an ode to the culinary delights that flourish in Tasmania’s fertile soils. Held annually, this celebration of agriculture brings together farmers, food enthusiasts, and innovators to explore the nexus of sustainable farming, gastronomy, and continuous learning. At the heart of this remarkable event is the influential figure of Joost Bakker, whose visionary ideas have been a catalyst for change in the world of sustainable agriculture. Joost is, as they say these days, kind of a big deal.

Joost Bakker is a true inspiration to farmers, waste warriors and eco-conscious individuals alike. As a pioneering sustainability advocate, he has challenged conventional agricultural practices and championed regenerative methods that respect the earth’s resources. His sustainable design innovations have garnered international recognition, making him a driving force behind the global movement towards healthier, ethically sound, and sustainable food systems.

The real highlight of agriCULTURED for us at Harvest though is the abundance of exciting and amazing local food on offer. We’re super psyched to be off to Fire and Fog this evening, and to Fire and Ferment tomorrow evening. Dinner ahoy! Tasmania’s rich and diverse agricultural landscapes and ecosystems mean that visitors can indulge in a mind-bending array of fresh, seasonal produce. From artisanal cheeses and organic vegetables to grass-fed meats the world’s cleanest and freshest seafoods. AgriCULUTRED really does showcase the best of what the plucky north of our island has to offer. The emphasis on locally sourced ingredients not only packs flavour in hard but also underscores the importance of supporting local farmers and food producers.

BYO Jars for the Kimchi Party

Registrations are full for the kimchi Fermentation Activation workshop a Harvest as part of agriCULTURED! You just might squeak in on the day, but no promises. We can’t wait to see this hands-on kimchi workshop come to life! Here is the kicker though, like last year you MUST BYO JAR! Wouldn’t be very sustainable of us to just buy a whole bunch of new jars now, would it? We couldn’t be happier with the response to this year’s event, and to agriCULTURED generally. A huge kudos to the committee and the wide network of people that are making it happen. The vollies are trained, the registrations are full and the space is allocated for what will be a terrific couple of hours getting spicy!

The Shameless Plug: Yes Deer!

Our resident chef is stepping back into the kitchen for Yes Deer! From the 10th to the 12th of August, at The Still in Argyle Street Hobart, Rhys is cooking a winter menu of hand-sourced, wild Tasmanian food. It represents Rhys’ first play in a professional kitchen in precisely 1300 days, and fittingly in a kitchen he has always wanted to cook in. There are some nerves, there is some excitement, let’s hope he still has the chops. If you’re keen, you can make a booking here.

That’s it, thanks everyone, have a really speccy agriCULTURED or however you chose to spend your hard-earned weekend.

Until next week. Chef out.

Join us on Saturday!

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