At Harvest | 9 December 2023

61 stallholders! New stallholders, double-sized stallholders, returning stallholders, a hint of early cherries and Christmas hams.

Yes siree, we’re certain December is here now. We’re as full as it’s possible to be at Harvest. This is daunting, knowing that we’ve at least a few more seasonal stallholders to arrive yet! We love this time of year though. The vibe is high, the market is full, the sun is out, and the produce is at its shining best. It’s market-eve and there is work to be had and time to be enjoyed, so here we go.

This week at Harvest

For some time the only wine we’ve had available to us at Harvest has been (the brilliant) Pinot Noir offering that Brady’s added to their lineup a year or so back. Now though, we’re super pleased to introduce Kylie and Oxberry Vineyard, joining us for their debut this week. From up Bridport way, producing cool climate, coastal wines that are perfect little numbers for any table or occasion. This is great because there are plenty of great things to pair with wine at Harvest. Whilst the author hasn’t yet had the privilege of tasting Kylie’s wines (although looking forward to it), I’m willing to bet they’d be great with a Johann-y number, or some grilled halloumi.

Pair this with a few more fun facts about this week and the coming month. We have the return of Bec and Mantje Produce. Wouter and the family Seven Springs Farm are doubling their showing to a double site. We’ve a second appearance of our recent newcomer in Wild Pepper Isle. Frank and Terra Preta are back from a break. There are early December appearances from Deweent Distillery and Kimchi Me. We’ve just received word that Ferniehurst is pulling the cherry train into the station next week. Toot toot. Always at the front of the cherry train though is All Things Cherry, and there couldn’t be a better time to pick yourself up a cherry pie. We know the arrival date for Margret and Penna Valley Apricots. There, that was more than a few fun facts, and ought to be enough to keep your mouths watering and feet moving down to Havrest.

Don’t forget

Remember! Turns out that big supermarket chains are routinely the most expensive places to buy fresh fruit and vegetables. Plus, there is still time to order your Christmas hams from any of our three amazing producers. Mt. Gnomon, Oldway Farm and Fork it Farm. Not to mention that there are 61 stallholders this week! Absolutely the freshes and best possible Breadeggscheese and dairy, honeysweet treatsbeersjuicemeatsfish and veggreens and herbs for your December celebrations. Get stuck it.

Thanks! Really looking forward to a massive December. See you out there!

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