At Harvest | 19 August, 2023

The Welcome to Kanamaluka edition. Plus, the ghost newsletter, happenings at Harvest, Spring approaches, and the Sprout Producer Program launches for 2024.

Last week the ‘at Harvest’ blog post went up, as evidenced by the blog post on the website. But subscribers to the newsletter may have noticed a distinct lack of newsletter. It turns out that one must press the ‘send’ button to send the newsletter. Who knew? We all knew, but some of us who shall remain nameless (Rhys, in his Yes Deer whirlwind) neglected that one final – but critical – step. Nevertheless, redemption is at hand with each new week. Herein lies such redemption, so let’s redeem.

Welcome to Kanamaluka – a new activation at Harvest

The week sees our inaugural First Nations Engagement event: the Welcome to Kanamaluka sessions. Think of this as something of a live podcast. Driven by our passionate board member Brett Charlton and featuring Geoffrey McLean, these two will be shooting the breeze about how the First Nations of our region lived for thousands of generations. The format is designed to avoid all political and topical narratives. By doing so, we focus wholly on the many millennia of life on trouwunna/lutruwita Tasmania, pre-colonisation. While discussing many aspects of Aboriginal life, our first activation focuses on food and gathering. Alongside the storytelling, our Chef de Mission will be cooking wallaby with native pepperberry as a gesture of communion and welcoming. A nod, if you like, to the traditional foods of the Aboriginals and a fusion of the traditional with the contemporary.

For his part, Geoffrey McLean is an educator, tourism operator and active person in First Nations culture in the Launceston area. His guided Wallaby Walking Tours provide valuable insights into the First Nations history of Northern Tasmania. Geoffrey is a Tasmanian Aboriginal historian, knowledge sharer, and experienced educator. Just recently, Geoffrey and Dr Louise Zarmati revitalised the Aboriginal Launceston website, which we very much recommend reading. There was quite a lot of research and review undertaken before settling on Geoffrey as the person to deliver this project, and we’re certain he and Brett will deliver a first-class, meaningful and engaging activation.

The Market This Week

We won’t lie to you Launceston, it’s a little thinner on the ground this week at Harvest than we might like. Such is August life. We can assure you, though, that strength is returning to the carpark at Harvest. As Spring approaches, we can predict the return of tomatoes, plants, bakeries, oysters, (!), greens, gelati, asparagus…the list goes on. Despite Winter’s tail wagging longer than desired, we have an absolutely vibrant shopping experience for you nonetheless.

It’s a Hazelbrae fortnight, replenish those stocks after making bulk gluten-free hazelnut sponge. Speaking of sponges, we’re always excited to see what sweet baby Rae Rae has baked each week! It’s a Lily Farm fortnight too, always a delight and such longevity from their blooms! La Cantara and their cheesy goodness are on hand this week too. The joy of joys! You need not be told either that your devoted cohort of weekly stallholders will be right where you left them last week. You know who they are and what they’re bringing to the party by now. Breadeggscheese and dairy, honeysweet treatsbeersjuicemeatsfish and veggreens and herbs.

The Sprout Producer Program

What is the Sprout Producer Program? Only the best ticket you could have to turn your small-producer dreams into reality. A one-year program that supports and develops small-scale producers to achieve their goals. Creating significant future benefits for them as individuals as well as their businesses and the wider Tasmanian community. Who can apply? We’re so glad you asked. Farmers in Tasmania, at any stage of their business. Really, any enterprise type producing primary produce and farming commercially. Bonus points if you’re using regenerative practices or are keen to transition to such practices. Caveat, you need to be selling or intending to sell into the local food system.

It is this mix of both farm type and stage of journey, that Sprout curates to bring about incredible diversity to the conversations and support that comes from each cohort of producers in the program. Irrepressible CEO Jen Robinson says “We can, and indeed we must always learn from others, even when their version of success may differ from our own”. Words to live by.

Join us on Saturday!

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