At Harvest | 2 December 2023

It’s Summer! Dropped sequential titles, a double berry return, space for oncoming stonefruit, and ramped up the summer plans.

It’s the first summer market, and it’s all go at Harvest. There are menus to plan, new produce coming on, summer recipe content to produce, and general market upgrades to work on. Oh yes, and that tiny thing called Christmas to address. You don’t have time to faff. No one does. So we’ll get right at it for another week.

This Week At Harvest

Whisky Bacon. Are there two more harmonious words in the English language? Probably, but we can’t think of them right now. Nor do we need to. This whisky bacon has been coming for some time, and its release is finally upon us. We can tell you that when the announcement came from Bjarke at Oldway Farm, it had the office a-twitter. Go and grab some eggs, pepperberry salt, sourdough, butter, chives, and boy howdy, you’ve got breakfast on your hands. Add a dessert in there, and you’ve got brunch!

It’s Brunch Now

Let’s use up that dozen eggs you just bought. Make some aioli with the 4 yolks, mustard, the incredible young garlic that’s getting around right now, and some light olive oil. There is a condiment for the breakfast we’re planning. Use the whites to make meringue. Pair said meringue with some whipped cream and berries, and bam! It’s the simplest, most delicious dessert ever. Where can you find the berries? Glad you asked.

As of this week, our berry cohort is complete. Join us in welcoming both Sheffield Berry Gardens and Westerway Berry Farm back into the fold for their summer run. With that, the array of berries available to you over the summer is out of control. If you’re keen on a not-so-run-of-the-mill beverage to accompany this fictitious brunch we’re concocting, Brady’s, Wanderer Mead, and Seven Sheds have you covered. If you’re of the mind that perhaps more than one dish is needed to suitably impress your guests…

At Harvest, you can cover off on that, too. Salmon, cheeses, sweet treats, salads, snacks, seasonings, pastries, coffee, crudites, marinates, garnishes and dressings. Particularly noteworthy this week is the new range of dressings that Karen from Taste of Tam O’Shanter has been developing. Alongside a major and impressive expansion of her garden (the source of all her ingredients), Karen has worked long and hard to develop these three new dressings. They’re packed with flavour, and cleverly, they’re packed such that they’re multi-use. Add some olive oil, and it’s a dressing. Use as-is, and it’s a table condiment or marinade. Add a nudge of sugar, cook it out and presto, it’s a pickle base. Genius.


We also have some great summer plans coming together. Great acts on the SOMA stage, more of our Welcome to Kanamaluka sessions, cooking demos, collaborations, plus a host of Christmas and ongoing promotions of our stallholders. Keep across our social media and come chat to us at the market to stay in the know.

Thanks! First one of the summer. It is super exciting, and we can’t wait to get amongst it.

Join us on Saturday!

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